About Me


My name is Rebecca Weir, and I live a pensive life.

Pensive: “musingly or dreamily thoughtful.”- Marriam-Webster Online Dictionary

I aspire to be thoughtful as well as whimsical. I have a passion for words and their effects, and I endeavor for my writing to elicite the same in others. I yearn for you, my readers, to feel pain, envy, joy, and sorrow to a bohemothic extent. I want you to be reeling on the floor laughing. I wish that you would ooze gloom, desparate for the character’s situation to improve.

Most of all, I want you to have gained something from my words, my consciousness woven together and typed up, so that when you scroll down the pages, you aren’t pushing through to finish, but are begging for its infinite existence.

I write fiction, short and long,  from young adult to modern literature. Though I frequent the genres of fantasy and scifi, I also write general fiction.

And while I work to pursue the aforementioned goal, I will document my journey here–for that it is, an escapade, through jungles and over clouds–keeping you updated on the latest progress.

I just finished college with a major in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology. Yeah, I know. It’s not English. But it has taught me to observe the world in a way that is helpful for writing. Plus, I am allowed to like more than one thing, right?


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