Light, like life, is a funny thing

I finally hung the metal Doctor Strange art I got from Wizard-Con in NOLA in January. But now that it’s on the wall, it’s not reflecting light the same way it did before.


I wrote a short story recently around the theme of light, and I hope to finish it tonight, though I don’t know where I’m going to take it.

Sometimes my writing is like that. Sometimes it has a route it must follow, and sometimes it follows the route it makes.

DEEP. I know.

This story is following the route it’s making, as is this blog post. I seriously have no idea where it’s going. But this is more like stream of consciousness than letting a story unfold.

UNLESS life is the story. BAM. DEEP.

Sometimes life has light.

Sometimes life lacks light.

Sometimes writing has form.

Sometime it lacks form.

When life has light, it is worth living, and when it doesn’t, it may feel like it’s not worth living, but the darkness shapes your shadow–the impact you have upon the world.

Maybe the same thing happens with writing.