Word to Word


Free write word prompt: Moon

Here goes:

The Sun rose. It always did that, rise. It’s a tale as old as time. Wait, am I writing this or is this someone else? I feel like that line was stolen. Well, it’s perfect nonetheless.

Do I have to write every word that comes to my head?

Does the moon rise?

Am I going to be one of those writers who poses questions and makes you thinks deeply but never really gets anywhere with it? Apparently I am today.

But is getting anywhere the point? What is the point of a story? Did one of the greatest books ever, The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway actually get anywhere?

(read to find out)

I write, the words get put down on page, the rain continues to fall outside under a dreary sky that I love so much, and I continue to put down words, you read them, wherever you are, and the Moon continues to orbit the earth. Are we surprised by any of this?

Should we be?

As with being a writer, I think it’s becoming increasingly evident through this post that I am also a scientist, but as I’ve stated before, they are somewhat one in the same. The same curiosity and drive that pushes me towards science, also pushes me towards writing. And there is a goal with each of these. A goal with science, with writing, with the falling of the rain, with the rising of the moon. With life. There is a goal. That goal varies from person to person and from leaf to leaf and from drop to drop and from word to word.

Word to word. What is the purpose of these words?

If I’ve puzzled you I’m glad, for these words, though not originally intended to do so, were meant for you to think.

Photo credit: http://critical-thinkers.com/


6 thoughts on “Word to Word

    • I’ve actually got a video going up on Friday on my YouTube channel WeirTooLegit that I’ll then post here too, but I write for a few reasons. One I will discuss in the video. Basically I hope to impact my reader. That is all I can ask for. If I’ve just given them a good story, that’s great. If my writing has taught a lesson, also great.


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