Succumbing to First Person

On my second novel, which I haven’t talked much about lately, I have been using third person POV. I wanted to force myself to write in third. As a sort of writing challenge, because I tend to write in first. Then there’s the fact that the book is from a boy’s perspective, and I thought that third person would help me separate from the character. Actually, the reason I wanted to write from a boy’s perspective at all would be to get me to write not from my perspective, but I was afraid that if I started writing in first person that my perspective would take over.

FIRST keeps wanting to force itself on me, though. It just seems natural for the story. It so needs to be from the character’s point of view.


I must, it keeps telling me.  I am meant for itI am meant to defeat Link.

Not that my story has anything to do with Zelda. Not at all. But my narrator (who I’ve learned is quite separate from me no matter what point of view from which I write) wants to participate first-hand (or in the case of the Zelda games, defeat Link first hand).

So I succumb. It has been changed. Who knows if I will change it back or not. But it feels like a big deal. I’ve done this once or twice before in stories, but never this far in. So here goes.

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