Culture is squished into languages

In which I discuss my many attempts at learning languages and why I try.


3 thoughts on “Culture is squished into languages

  1. You’re definitely right about languages and culture. I took a linguistics class during my senior year of college and one of the things we read about was how the way the language for different concepts can actually shape culture. I really want to go back and study up on French and Italian (I took both for a few years during high school and college respectively.) My main complaint is that I’m not financially in a position to travel, and it’s so easy to lose progress on a language through atrophy.


    • I understand completely. Money is hard to come by. I have been worried about my French deteriorating since I’m done with it for school but since then I’ve been reading and watching things in French and it does a decent job. Nothing like being there though.

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      • That’s a good idea though. It’s probably a good way to just expose oneself to a more full vocabulary than language learning exercises. I’ll have to give it a try. I’m too rusty for a book but maybe a movie.

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