Combining the Arts

I haven’t been writing much on the blog once again, and I feel like this may become a permanent pattern, but I am determined to keep up with it!

I have become interested in pairing art with quotes from my writing. One example can barely be seen in the photo for the blog… this is the unedited version, drawn by my sister…


The quote is, “Nothing is ever original, but we can still invent!”

More specifically, I enjoy photography, so I thought, why not combine it with writing?


“The sparrows fly above me, except they don’t. The wind blows around me, except it doesn’t. The sun shines on me, but it’s thousands upon millions upon billions of miles away. However, in my dreams, it’s all right there, encompassing me with its fervor.”

The quote is the first paragraph is the story. And though it isn’t obvious how the picture relates to the story, in reading the whole story, you find that this particular fork is a dinglehopper, just one of many things found “At the Edge,” as the story is titled.

On another note:

As far as other concerns go, I’m working heavily on my second book now, even though I said I would be focusing on editing my first one. I just can’t help it though. I am still editing the first one, but I have become engrossed in the second one. It will be a long time before either is published, as that’s simply how the business goes, even if I’m lucky enough to avoid self-publishing, so hold your horses people.

I’m hoping to publish a short story so that I can then reveal to all a full story.

We’ll see how it goes. It’s a slow road, but I’m driving down it, and though there may be bumps along the way, I know the destination is coming. Eventually.