Finished my first edit!

And it feels great.

I now have it all printed out and in a binder. All 376 pages of it.

I have already begun the second edit and it’s going much faster. Plus this time, I won’t have school to get in my way.

I am working on perfecting my query letter for the book which I’ve told has to be the most perfect thing I’ve ever written, so no pressure there, right? But anyway, I’m looking at a few agents up in New York, but I’m open to ideas.

My other book is coming along, but it’s being put on hold for the editing of this one. I will, however, try to write some short stories while I edit.

I am not only writing this summer, but I’m working on a huge summer to-read list which includes probably fifty books but who knows what I’ll get to, so in other words my life is going to be full of reading and writing… and that isn’t technically my job. Oh the life of a writer.


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