From Editing to Publishing: A Plan for My First Novel

I am still editing. And editing. And editing. For it is said that,


I have even edited the title of my first book, renaming it as Believe them Inevitable. The previous title, Prophesies Unspoken, definitely applied, but like all first drafts, it just wasn’t good enough and had to go.

While revising the title takes hours, the book itself takes weeks. Months. I’m about halfway through the first edit. The process has been slower than I had hoped, due to unavoidable circumstances, school naturally being one of them, but also a sickness which put me out for a week, immediately followed by spring break.

So, I am finally getting back at it, and I am excited for where it’s going. I know it has a long way to go but my hope is to try and get it published over the summer, which will be an immense project in and of itself. Though I have not ruled out self-publishing, my first choice would be to publish through a literary agent.

A year ago, I had no idea what it took to get published. Now that I have a better understanding on the subject, I have discovered that it’s just as much work as I thought it would be. I can try and publish an ebook or self-publish, but if I want to go through a publishing house, then I have to get an agent most likely, and that’s difficult in and of itself.

As I am new to the publishing world, throughout this entire process, I have been consulting many resources, but most of my information comes from the 2015 Writer’s Market. In this book, all of those involved in getting a book to readers–from the writing, to the printing–divulge the secrets of the trade. They provide detailed infomation on topics ranging from social media, to literary magazines, to publishing companies. I also consult the Writer’s Digest for similar information, particularly the actual editing process.

Though I know that to me, it will never feel polished, ready. It will never be worthy, but it will have to be.

I yearn for the time when it has to be. I’m anxious to see it done, I have spent hours discussing possible book covers with my friend who doubles as an artist. She has accepted the responsibility of makin’ it look real purty. I know she will do it justice. No pressure to that friend, if you’re reading this.

Honestly, I simply can’t wait to see it done, and I’m determind that none of my previous doubts will get to me.


As a side note, in recent weeks, I have also been working on another short story and another book, whose titles will be revealed later. My goal is to publish my short stories in literary magazines, so I hope it works out, and if it does, I will be sure to let you all know! I also have a plan for a sequel to Believe them Inevitable.


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